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An idea comes to you in a nanosecond and vanishes in just the same time. It's knowing how to hold on to it, recognise it as something extraordinary and what to do with it that sets some apart from the others. That is Action Ambro's.

What if... is our founding principle. It conjures up images of the impossible. What if... leads us into new marketing territories and knows no boundaries.

What if... a single handshake could lead to a life-long relationship? What if... we could do something great together?
That is the question you should be asking yourself.



More than ad people,
we are problem solvers.

While we have made a name for ourselves in direct response and are best known for this, there is no type of communication that hasn't crossed our door or escaped our expertise.

The way that we do this is that we work backwards. First, we look at the business challenge - more sales, a better customer experience - whatever the challenge happens to be - and take it from there. We determine the type of response that we are after first and then create the work that will get that response.

No matter which medium we work in, from digital to direct to ads, the common denominator in everything that we do is that it must generate a response and provide a return on investment.

Ideas that produce ROI rule at AA.


Three very simple words that describe a fairly complex but fun process.


We look at the competition, trends, market, consumer insights - we get our hands dirty and get information anywhere and everywhere to get our heads around the business challenge.


Then we try to do something that has never been done before. Innovation is our Holy Grail and we put it behind everything that we do to touch people's imaginations and to get their attention in a way that actually means something to them.


If (when!) we touch their hearts and minds, they will reach into their wallets. Then we play and create great work that works. The layout pads come out, the music gets turned up, the nights get longer and the ideas get cracked.


We have no illusions about who we are and what we do. In fact, it's a matter of great pride. We are salesmen. Above the line, below the line, through the line or on the line... our work has 5 seconds to make an impact. It must dress the part, talk appropriately and ultimately get results by whatever means. To us, this is a non-negotiable.

And it's also what makes us one of
the most awarded creative agencies
in South Africa.




What if... everything we touched turns to gold?

Awards are our rewards for a job well done. By a job well done we mean that our creative work actually worked to solve the business problem. The creative work created sales, added value to the brand and customer experience.

We are very fussy about which awards shows we enter. We enter shows that reward results as well as creativity. Our ideas have a job to do - they have to deliver a response and ROI. Awards on our shelves mean money in our clients' bank accounts.

2009 - 2012

  • INKOSI Assegai Award - overall winner across all categories
  • 9 x Gold Assegais
  • 13 x Silver Assegais
  • 9 x Bronze Assegais
  • 6 x Assegai Leader Awards
  • 1 x Gold ECHO
  • 1 x Silver ECHO
  • 2 x ECHO Leader Awards
  • 1 x ECHO Finalist
  • 3 x Merits

Previous Years

  • 3 x Grand Prix
  • 1 x Gold Spada
  • 1 x Silver Spada
  • 3 x Gold Loeries
  • 2 x Silver Loeries
  • 20 x Gold Assegais
  • 13 x Silver Assegais
  • 2 x Bronze Assegais
  • 5 x Special Mentions
  • 4 x Gold Marketing Excellence Awards
  • 3 x Silver Marketing Excellence Awards
  • 2 x Bronze Marketing Excellence Awards
  • 5 x Gold ECHOES
  • 8 x ECHOE Finalists
  • 3 x ECHOE Leader Awards
  • 3 x Best of Europe Letters of Distinction
  • 1 x Gold Best of Europe
  • 15 x London Finalists
  • 3 x New York Bronze Medals


Above the line - Below the line - Direct marketing - Digital

This question might be better put as "What don't we do?". We start with the business problem and then crack the creative solutions to solve it. But we are not generalists - we are experts in solving business problems with creative solutions. It just doesn't matter in which medium.

The problem dictates the solutions. We are not dictated to by specific mediums. We work across the board in any and all mediums. If the solution happens to be an ad, we'll do an ad. If the solution turns out to be something digital, then we'll do that. If the solution means piglets in pyjamas parading through a park, we'll do that. We'll do whatever it takes to creatively solve the business problem to get the response we're after.

"What we do is extensive. Our abilities cover any medium that will generate a response."


Lusting after great digital ideas?

We've gotten in bed with a digital company to create Digital Ambro's. Now, you don't have to walk the streets to find what you're looking for. We can satisfy your every digital desire right here with the same energy and fire we put into your offline business. Digital Ambro's provides creative solutions, full production and project management.

What's makes Digital Ambro's even more attractive to your business?

  • Aggressive pricing - there are no Agency mark-ups on third-party suppliers
  • Faster turnaround times since everything is in house
  • Creative and strategic integration with the greater team for a seamless solution

Look to Digital Ambro's to delight you and you'll never look back.

Hook up with a hot digital team

If you'd like to have a one-on-one with Michael and Mengke in the flesh, send a meeting request to


We're always just a phone call, email or visit away. Feel free to drop by or drop us a line.
What if... a single conversation sparked a lifelong relationship?

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Managing Director

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